It’s lies, it’s all lies

Take a whole day off and watch Scott Noble’s magnificent The Power Principle. 3 films that challenge everything we know


Everything you read is the result of the agenda of somebody, somewhere

A notion hit my radar a few weeks ago.  A notion so contrary to my core beliefs it has stuck with me and I haven’t been able to get passed it.

 “The printing press is the most evil invention ever created by mankind”

 If you control the press, you can control what people believe.  Anybody can write but to control the distribution and by extension control the editorial.  That is staggering, the possibilities are endless.  And then I came across this documentary – Psywar

Thats going to take a bike ride and half to digest

May you live in interesting times

A number of years ago I read an article about the Renaissance. How over a period of 300 years, everything mankind knew was transformed. The way we lived, worked and prayed. Our art, architecture, literature, religion, medicine. Everything evolved, all of it unrecognisable in 300 short years.

The Mayans predicted 9 cycles of the evolution of mankind. Each cycle coming with increased frequency and shorter durations. The renaissance was the 6th cycle or a happy coincidence.

If they were right, we are halfway through the 9th cycle. The world 15 years from now will be unrecognizable to us. The prophecy is not that the world will end, but that it will end as we know it. In essence, rebirth.

There is another closely linked concept that has also got hold of my attention. Imagine being in the USSR when the iron curtain fell. Everything that you, your parents and grandparents knew is a lie. Now apply that thought to the fall of capitalism.  There is a fundamental difference, if you were a communist, you embraced capitalism. But as a capitalist there is nothing to fill the void.

I don’t have the answers. I am along for the ride. How exciting, to live in interesting times.